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In the framework of its Research Initiatives scheme, ILTER - the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network - has launched a small research grants call for proposals. The aim is to support compact projects to, for instance, provide seed grants for larger undertakings, or to support hesis or post-doctoral work by young scientists. ECN is a member of ILTER.

The ILTER call for proposals is open to all interested parties, and it is set up in a bottom-up fashion, that is, applicants are free to choose a research topic of their interest, provided it is in line with at least one of the ILTER conceptual pillars and/or the ILTER Scientific Goals. Likewise, project durations may be freely defined.

The call for proposals was launched on 7 November and the current deadline for applications is 1 February 2023.

Full details of the call for proposals can be found on the ILTER website.