These are the monitoring protocols designed for use at ECN terrestrial sites. In addition to these standard protocols, many ECN sites also carry out additional monitoring, often undertaken as part of other networks or initiatives. Note that, due to funding constraints, (i) some sites no longer carry out all these measurements; (ii) some sites have had to reduce the frequency at which certain protocols are carried out.

Locating & marking sites (LM)

Meteorology (M, MA, MM)

Atmospheric Chemistry: Nitrogen Dioxide (AN)

Precipitation Chemistry (PC)

Surface Water: Discharge (WD)

Surface Water: Chemistry (WC)

Soil Solution (SS)

Soil Properties (S)

Vegetation (V)

Invertebrates (I, IA, IB, IG, IM, IS, IT)

Vertebrates (B, BA, BB, BC, BF, BI, BM)

Land Use (LU)

Initial Water Handling (WH)
The protocol for initial handling of water samples

Analytical guidelines for water samples (WAG)
Analytical guidelines for laboratories processing ECN water samples