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ECN sites and datasets represent a unique research resource, yielding an rich variety of scientific research papers and other publications by a great many people.
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Explore our extensive catalogue of over 940 publications detailing research using ECN data and/or sites


Featured publication: Tso, C-H M., Monteith, D., Scott, T., Watson, H., Dodd, B., Pereira, MG., Henrys, P., Hollaway, M., Rennie, S., Lowther, A., Watkins, J., Killick, R. and Blair, G. (2022). The evolving role of weather types on rainfall chemistry under large reductions in pollutant emissions. Environmental Pollution. DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2022.118905.


We provide an extensive catalogue of publications that use ECN data and/or ECN sites. Some relevant publications by authors connected with ECN are also included.  Search online by year, author, keyword, site or a combination of these. In many cases, online access to the actual publication is provided. We have also listed a large number of publications on our ResearchGate page.

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Special Issue marking 20 years of detailed environmental monitoring by ECN

'Assessing ecosystem resilience through Long Term Ecosystem Research: observations from the first twenty years of the UK Environmental Change Network' was a Special Issue of the journal Ecological Indicators published in 2016 and showcasing a range of research using ECN data and sites.

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From 1992 to 2006, we produced a newsletter, ECN News. Back issues are available upon request. We now issue short news bulletins via email.

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