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Data is key

We have been collecting and managing data for over 25 years and our data is at the heart of what we do.

Data is collected at ECN sites by our dedicated site staff and is stored in a central database managed by the ECN Data Centre based at UKCEH Lancaster.

Data availability

ECN full datasets are free-of-charge for non-commercial purposes via our Data Centre

ECN data is available in two main forms: summary averages may be plotted using online, interactive tools on our Data Centre website, whilst the full (also called 'raw') datasets are available upon request and issued under licence. Our data is offered free-of-charge for non-commercial purposes.

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Data abstract
ECN data, exploration tools and more are available on our Data Centre website

Explore ECN summary data

We offer two online tools for exploring ECN summary data. These interfaces use monthly or annual summary statistics derived from the raw data.  Quickly gain an overview of the data by creating time-series graphs, or exploring possible data relationships. You can also download summary datasets.

Data Explorer - Plot any available ECN data variable against another
Time Series Viewer - View trends in data over time

Obtain detailed ECN data

Some ECN datasets now span 25 years

Access ECN full (also known as 'raw') datasets at the resolutions specified in the protocols and under the terms of the ECN data policy. Data is made available through an Open Government Licence and is hosted on the UKCEH Environmental Information Platform.  Digital object identifiers (DOIs) are also available for these datasets, enabling easier citation of our data.

Access full datasets

Publications and Data Use Database

Search an extensive Publications Catalogue, which contains references to published material related to ECN sites or by authors connected to ECN.  Search by year, author, keyword, site or a combination of these.  Information on how ECN data is used can also be queried.

Publications Catalogue

Fixed-point photos

Fixed-point photographs are taken at regular intervals at some ECN sites. These are archived in the ECN database forming a unique pictorial record of the conditions at these sites.

Photo Archive

Data management & quality control

The ECN database is managed and developed by the ECN Central Co-ordination Unit (CCU) at UKCEH Lancaster.  Data is held and made accessible according to the ECN data policy. Here we explain the ECN information system.

Data quality is extremely important, Therefore, before it is incorporated into the database, all data is screened to detect incorrectly formatted data and values outside the expected range. The data providers (i.e. the site staff) may also submit metadata in the form of quality codes, which is stored alongside the data. Such metadata can be very useful when the data is subsequently analysed. From time-to-time we carry out quality assurance exercises on specific datasets, e.g. to test the accuracy of vegetation identification, or to check the calibration of automatic meteorological sensors.

Recently ECN data was used to test a new quality assurance approach - system state tagging - developed by Michael Tso and colleagues at UKCEH.

ECN Information System
Our data policy