ECN sites: Great places for research & teaching

The wide range of regular environmental measurements, wealth of historical data and local knowledge of site managers mean that many ECN sites are excellent locations for field environmental research and teaching. An increasing number of scientists have discovered the benefits of locating their research at our sites. If you are also interested in conducting research at an ECN site, please contact us. From time-to-time there are opportunities for people outside the UK to visit selected ECN sites as part of EU-funded projects.

Why not ask us about conducting your research at an ECN site?

EU projects supporting research access to ECN sites

Over the past few years there have been opportunities for visiting researchers to work at ECN sites via Transnational Access (TA) schemes operated by several EU-funded projects. We expect such access to continue via further EU-funded projects. Look out for announcements on our website, newsletter and on social media.


Current projects offering access opportunities

These projects are currently active. See their websites for details of access calls.

eLTER PLUS project

The eLTER PLUS project (started in February 2020) currently includes a transnational and remote access scheme in which some ECN sites are included.

  • eLTER Transnational Access (TA) - enables in-person visits (e.g. to collect and analyse data) to one or more LTER sites/LTSER platforms involved in the scheme.
  • eLTER Remote Access (RA) – enables the execution of activities at sites by the local teams, which are defined by “remote users” (e.g. measurements, data collection, and experiments according to instructions and protocols provided by the remote users).


INTERACT project

ECN Cairngorms is involved in the EU-funded INTERACT sequence of projects, which have provided several Transnational and Remote Access opportunities.



Past opportunities

ECN participated in eLTER, an EU H2020-funded project (2015-2020) involving many LTER-Europe partners and sites in collaboration with the European Critical Zone Observatory community. Access was provided to the Cairngorms ECN site. Prior to this, from 2010 to 2015, two ECN sites - Moor House and Rothamsted - were also included in the EU FP7 ExpeER project's Transnational Access call, funding research visits at the sites.